Marine Audio Customizations, Installations & Upgrades

Marine Audio

Marine Audio

What’s better than lounging on your boat on a beautiful summer day? How about enjoying your favorite tunes on a high-quality sound system. Here at Sturgess Customs, we can outfit your vessel with top-notch marine audio sound systems specifically built for marine environments. Just imagine kicking back and enjoying the sun with family, friends and state of the art sound quality. Our marine electronics can transform your boat into a party lounge, or a serene relaxation session if you prefer. Our solutions are perfect for all types of watercraft from speedboats, fishing boats, ski boats, sailboats, yachts, pleasure cruisers, and much more. With our marine audio electronics and professional installation, you get all the quality of a cutting-edge car audio system.

The Marine Audio And Boat Stereo Experts

Looking for a boat stereo, amplifier, CD player, AM/FM receiver, head unit or speakers? Sturgess Customs are your marine audio specialists. Se have helped outfit boats and yachts all over the world with quality marine sound systems. Our many years experience make us uniquely qualified to simplify the selection process for you. We can help you find something for your boat, or whatever the application, we are sure to have a waterproof system to meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Come by and listen to our fine selection of quality and reliable marine stereo equipment today and see for yourself what makes Sturgess Customs the go-to source for all of your vehicle audio solutions on land and the water! We have the knowledge and expertise to meet your expectations. We are “boat people”!

Marine Lighting

Marine Lighting

Here at Sturgess Customs in Lexington, we offer a great selection of marine lighting for nearly any application. Our LED lights are durable and provide low power consumption. LEDs are the perfect solution for your marine lighting needs. They are perfect for cabin lighting, night time fishing, underwater lights, work lights, safety, or if you simply want to make yourself stand out.

Since LEDs run on very low power, this results in low battery drain, not to mention they look fantastic cosmetically. So why worry about heading back to the dock or marina at sunset? Let the good times roll with our wide selection of marine lighting solutions.

Important Factors in Choosing Marine Audio Components

All boat owners know that water, salt, and sun that make your summer boating so much fun, also do a number on your boats electrical components. If your gear isn’t designed to withstand this environment, it won’t last a season. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right marine components for your boat’s audio system. From your MP3 receiver to your cables, everything needs to be ready for life on the water.

Here’s a quick guide to some terms you’ll see frequently when you’re shopping for marine audio components:

  • Water-resistant — Can handle splashes and light rain, but not built to handle submersion. Levels of resistance vary by manufacturer.
  • Waterproof — Able to be fully submerged, though depths and the amount of time underwater vary by manufacturer.
  • UV-resistant — Designed to withstand sun damage. Found on receiver faceplates, speaker cones and grilles.
  • Anti-corrosion — Specifically designed to resist rust and the corrosive effects of salt water. Examples of anti-corrosive features include coated circuit boards, plated connections, and a rust-resistant chassis.
  • NMEA 2000 — This “plug and play” communications networking protocol allows devices as varied as receivers, chartplotters, GPS units, wired remotes, and wind instruments to function as one complete system.

Important Factors in Choosing Marine Audio Per component

  • Receivers — Marine receivers with a coated circuit board are a must, so is a water-resistant faceplate, in addition to line-level outputs for sending signals to an external amplifier, and satellite radio controls. A weatherproof faceplate cover and a watertight remote control are great accessories to too. Sturgess Customs  offers receivers that will fit into gauge openings.
  • Speakers — Marine speakers with plastic cones which are constructed from polypropylene and rubber offer maximum weather protection, corrosion-resistant mounting hardware, and enough power to make sure they are loud enough to be heard over wind, water, and engine noise.
  • Amplifiers — Plenty of power is not the only important factor when buying a quality marine amplifier. Be sure to make sure it feature coated circuit boards, plated, and non-corrosive connectors too.
  • Subwoofers — Boat owners know that bass is important on the boat. If you want to get powerful bass,  invest in a sturdy, powerful marine subwoofer. As with any marine speaker, always look for plastic cones and rubber surrounds that offer maximum protection from weather. If mounting a subwoofer on your boat is a challenge, Sturgess Customs offers Free-air rated subwoofers. If you aren’t looking for an external amplifier, we have also carry powered enclosed marine subwoofers.
  • Speaker wire and cables — Marine-rated wiring is one of the most important parts of and marine audio system. You should use wire that is tinned; bare copper can corrode quickly in salt water conditions.
  • Satellite radio — Today, SiriusXM satellite radio is one of the marine audio components that every boat owner should have. Satellite radio reception extends up to 200 miles off shore. Sturgess Customs offers many marine receivers that are satellite radio-ready, which means you can add an external tuner, mount it out of sight, and run the cable into the radio. Even better, plug-and-play satellite radio tuners can be transferred from car to boat to home. Ask us about a marine kit for your plug-and-play tuner, including a marine-rated satellite radio antenna.
  • GPS — GPS is not categorized as an audio component, but most boaters won’t leave shore without GPS navigation. When considering which marine GPS unit or chartplotter is best for you, we sure to look for features such as  rechargeable batteries, a screen that is very bright that can be seen clearly in direct sunlight, Blue Chart compatibility, and, of course, weather resistance.
  • Power Inverter — A power inverter is an incredibly handy thing to have on board, especially with smaller boats, because you can charge your phone battery, a laptop computer, or run small electronics. Be sure that the inverter has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which protects you against accidental shocks.