Custom Lighting for Vehicles

Custom Lighting for Vehicles

Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting does not have to only be for looks. It can also be more practical like lighting up an enclosed trailer or helping you to see better at night.

Aftermarket lighting upgrades are one the quickest and most cost-effective way to give your ride a custom appearance that everyone will notice while simultaneously improving driving visibility.

One of our specialties is LED lighting. LED’s are revolutionizing the automotive industry. They offer a superior style and appearance, run cooler, outperform, and outlast the bland lighting provided in car, truck, and SUV OEM packages.

We also offer lighting packages that will give your car or truck a show quality appearance. From Plug and play HID kits, LED headlamps and color strips, to complete custom lighting tailored to your vehicle’s specifications, Sturgess Custom’s expert installers will design a package for you that no other shop can offer.

Every vehicle is different and options are limitless, contact us now to discuss the lighting you envision for your car, truck, motorcycle, or van and our team of lighting professionals will help design that custom lighting project you’ve been dreaming about.